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Study Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
the traditional way at Wing Chun Melbourne

Wing Chun Melbourne and Wing Chun Brisbane participates in Master Moy Seminars 2024

What skills will
I learn in class?

/ ‏‏‎ ‎Forms

Wing Chun has 3 empty hand forms - Siu Lim Tao, Tsum Kiu, and Biu Tze, each with sub-sections focused on different aspects of your skills. These forms shape and define the stages of your training

/ ‏‏‎ Footwork

Footwork is vital to fighting while staying safe. Having good footwork is the difference between following Wing Chun principles and avoiding your opponent's strength, or using too much energy and being overwhelmed

/ ‏‏‎ Chi Sau

Chi Sau means "Sticking Hands", Wing Chun's answer to training together without getting hurt or hurting your partner. It help develop your abilities and sensitivity, and use the right skills and timing to overcome your opponent

/ ‏‏‎ ‎Applications

You will learn many different hands and movements during class, while practicing these techniques with a partner using the correct impetus to naturally and accurately respond in the right situations

— Class brief

Relaxed, friendly, and safe atmosphere

Wing Chun is suitable for people of all ages, fitness, and genders. As a short distance Chinese martial art, it is intelligent, practical, and fast. Wing Chun is tremendously beneficial to both mental and physical health, and is a very effective self defense skill.



Staying calm under pressure


Fantastic self-defence skill


Physical well-being


Extremely practical


Mental acuity


Suitable for everyone

My Sigong, Grandmaster Michael Tse wrote:
Today martial arts...classes are often viewed as violent places full of bullies who learn how to intimidate the vulnerable. This is definitely the wrong concept of martial arts.

Training any martial art should make you a better person. Correct training not only makes you healthy, it also makes you happier and nicer to be around. This is the traditional Chinese way and a positive contribution to society as a whole.

With the above in mind, my classes are always conducted with safety and health in mind first – and being a musician, my lessons with my Sifu has never lead me to injury!

At Wing Chun Melbourne, our skills are passed down to us directly from Grandmaster Ip Man, through his eldest son, GM Ip Chun (who is 98 years old and still teaching!), GM Michael Tse - the most senior student in the west, and the founder of the Tse Qigong Centre (1998), Master Darryl Moy - Chief instructor of the Tse Qigong Centre, to Sifu Yelian He.

We have an excellent relationship with our teacher, grandteacher, as well as brothers and sisters around the world. The Tse Qigong Centre has classes internationally, and Wing Chun Melbourne organizes yearly trips and special events to visit and train with as many people as we can!

If you are keen about Wing Chun, come and see what it's all about.


As a Wing Chun class that's part of a larger international Centre, there are a growing number of events per year. Here are some photos from recent, as well as upcoming events.

The class gathers at the opening lunch of the 2024 Master Moy Seminars.

/ 2024 Master Moy Wing Chun Seminar

/ 2023 Wing Chun Weekend Brisbane

/ 2023 Master Moy's Wing Chun Seminar

/ 2022 Wing Chun Weekend Melb

/ 2019 China Wing Chun Trip

/ 2019 Visiting GM Ip Chun


At Wing Chun Melbourne, we honour our teachers, grandteachers, and ancestors because of the skills they passed on to us. The Wing Chun skill passed down to us is through GM Ip Man's eldest son - GM Ip Chun, who will be 100 years old this year (2024)!

Through the Tse Qigong Centre (est 1990), a rigorous yearly instructors exam ensures the level of skill taught by any Centre representative anywhere is of the highest quality, without diluting or confusing the skill.


Part of the Tse Qigong Centre (Est 1990, UK), Wing Chun Melbourne is proud to be teaching authentic, traditional Chinese martial arts skill in Melbourne.

There are numerous classes around the world holding multiple seminars and events for students. If you find yourself in a different state or even a different country, chances are there's a class near you!

No matter whether you want to dive head first into Wing Chun, or just want take it step by step to see whether it's the right skill for you, there's always an event to look forward to.

2024 Master Moy Seminar

April 2024

Wing Chun Weekend Brisbane

October 2023

Master Moy's Wing Chun Seminar

April 2023

Wing Chun Weekend Melbourne

June 2022


...a certified Wing Chun instructor with the Tse Qigong Centre...a multi-prize winning international concert cellist, educator, and dog-lover...

Sifu Yelian He is a certified Wing Chun instructor with the Tse Qigong Centre (est 1990, UK), and is the Centre representative in Melbourne.

After arriving back in Melbourne after spending many years in the UK, Sifu He established his Wing Chun class in 2019. He now teaches twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, in the suburb of Glen Iris.

Sifu He is very close with his Sifu, and visits the UK whenever he can to train.

He is also a multi-prize winning international concert cellist and teacher.

Some of his favourite quotes are:

‘Kung fu doesn’t mean fighting skills, kung fu means a skilled person; so you can find kung fu wherever you look – as long as you know how to look.’

'Don't let the skill control you - you must control the skill.'

'If it's a skill, that means anybody can and should be able to learn.'

* Sifu He has up to date teaching certifications with the Centre, and holds a valid Working with Children Check.


As more and more events and classes go by, the NEWS section will show more reviews and highlights.

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