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SIFU HE / 何師父

In Chinese, Sifu has two characters. The first character means "teacher", the second means "father". In traditional Chinese culture, teachers can be seen as father figures and people who mentor and guide students. The other students in the class would be considered "brothers" or "sisters".

Sifu Yelian He grew up with a keen interest in action and Kung Fu movies; from Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, to Jet Li and Jackie Chan, he has always wanted to study martial arts. Unfortunately as a performing cellist, martial arts was not an activity that was readily recommended by his music teachers, so he never pursue that dream early on.

When he was living in Manchester UK, Sifu He discovered the Tse Qigong Centre, and dedicated himself to Wing Chun training. He was always as involved as he could be in his Sifu's class, doing admin work, organizing practice sessions for his class brothers and sisters, and helping them during training whenever the need arose. He is very focused and passionate about the arts, and loves balancing his life between being both a concert cellist, and an educator in both music and martial arts.

Sifu He has over a decade of Wing Chun experience, and is a senior student of Master Darryl Moy, the Chief Instructor of Tse Qigong Centre. Being a loyal student, he maintains a close relationship with his teacher and class, regularly visiting even though they are based in UK.

Sifu He has travelled to Foshan, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong with the Tse Qigong Centre, meeting Grandmaster Ip Chun and practicing with different classes and students there. He has also given a Wing Chun demonstration in London as the 'Kung Fu Cellist' at the 25th year anniversary of the Tse Qigong Centre, fighting off a group of 'thugs' with a cello in hand.

Through a rigorous yearly certification process, Sifu He is proudly an authorized Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor with the Tse Qigong Centre, and the Melbourne representative.