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Wing Chun Weekend Melbourne 2022


“I am so blessed to have been part of the inaugural bi-annual Australian Wing Chun seminar! It was a great experience to meet most of Sisuk’s students and Chi Sau with our Kung Fu brothers and sisters! A great opportunity to expand on our skills and develop new relationships. Looking forward to the next one in Brisbane!!”



“It was great meeting so many lovely people that had similar mindsets.

I very much enjoyed touching hands with everyone and learnt an enormous amount during the weekend. It was interesting feeling each persons personality whilst doing Chi Sau.

I felt the pace and time allocation was good for me. I had no resultant injuries from the training.

Eating together was a great way to get to know each other and become more comfortable, particularly before we started training on Saturday.

I would have enjoyed a more structured class with more set techniques that led to Chi Sau like the punching and the two techniques that where shown on Sunday.

I had a great experience and thank you and all participants for the opportunity. I learnt an enormous amount and it gave me more context.”



“I enjoyed the hospitality from all our hosts. My main take home points from the trip were changing angles when opponent is trying to cross your arms and the last drill we learnt on Sunday afternoon.

I also enjoyed the different energy each Melbourne member had during Chi Sau

Thanks for a great weekend everyone”



“It was an incredibly rewarding experience to have our Melbourne and Brisbane classes come together over the weekend. Being able to touch more hands during chi sau was absolutely invaluable, and reminded you of how important it was to practice with as many people as possible. When everyone came together with the same purpose, I found the experience of chi sau was also a lot more deliberate and thoughtful. Of course, simply being together and gathering for meals and laughs as a community was also just so wholesome and delightful. Looking forward to future exchanges to come!”



“Thank you Sisuk and Sifu for organising such an amazing weekend. I am still thinking about it and processing the learnings. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know them, and especially to chi sau with them.

Everyone was so friendly and so giving.

The main things that I learnt and need to work on, are to always use the least amount of energy to defeat an opponent, don’t use force against force, and the importance and value of changing the angle and using footwork.

Thank you everyone.”



“I had a wonderful time in Melbourne practising Wing Chun with such a kind and welcoming group of people. Sisuk Yelian told some great stories that helped my knowledge in the theory side of Wing Chun and I loved learning how a bad position can be fixed by slight changes in the angle and hand positions. Hope to see everyone again in Brisbane sometime in the future!”



“I’d like to say a big thankyou to all our hosts for their warm, friendly welcome and giving up so much of their time. And particularly to Sisuk Yelian and Yehua (hope I’ve remembered the spelling correctly) for their patience, perseverance and advice. In particular, my take away is to be more methodical / strategic in what I’m thinking before the doing happens and be calmer with my approach. And my bong sau certainly practice. Cheers.”



“I really enjoyed the weekend and learnt a lot. I also made new friends which was great.

If possible I feel as though having pre-planned techniques to practice would be very effective.

I did enjoy the sparring that we did and learnt a lot from it.”



“A month ago I had no idea what chi sau was nor what to expect. Some intensive work leading up to Chi Sau Weekend and I had an inkling. But the fun, learning, experimenting, learning, socialising and learning went well beyond any expectations I had. Can’t wait for next time!”



“This weekend “rolling” fell into place for me. I learnt so many little things from others – either new moves or improvements to what I was doing.

I liked how we would sometimes deconstruct what had just happened, and use that to explore. It was fabulous to get to know everyone and I loved feeling ‘in the zone’ during Chi Sau.”



“I found the weekend to be great for increasing my confidence with chi sau and also I also found it useful to learn how different people have differences in how they do chi sau. I found the differences between what the two classes has learnt and the way they performed different aspects of chi sau interesting as although we were all learning the same style, what class you are in determines some aspects of your chi sau.”



“The wing chun weekend was an insightful and fun event where I got to roll and touch a lot of different hands. I learnt new techniques and ways to try and get closer to the center and I also made a genuine connection and conversation with some of them. From this I learnt how to deal with different hands whilst also having a lot of fun in between.”